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About Us

About J2S

J2S is a 501c3, Georgia-based nonprofit that serves as a resource, safe space, empowerment program, and community focused on self-healing, self-discovery, and motivation. Founded in 2021, our goal is to initiate healing from generational traumas such as child sexual abuse. At Journey 2 Self, we believe that open dialogue, support, workshops, and resources that are centered around trauma-related topics that promote healing are the key starting points for self-discovery. With the love, light, and support from our thought leaders, members, and partners, we can boldly begin to heal, one truth at a time.

At J2S we are committed to embracing the whole person. This includes the inner child, the shadow self, and the public version of you. All of our campaigns, programs, and services will reflect a holistic, loving, and spiritual approach. Our website houses a resources list composed of melanated (Black) owned companies and people that provide products and services useful to you as you journey 2 becoming your true and healed self. J2S also offers personal development services (Business Planning, Goal Setting, Resume Building & Interview Training). Please note that at J2S we use the number 2 as opposed to the word, to, because in numerology, the number 2 has a spiritual meaning of harmony, balance, consideration, and love. These are our core values.



Below are the members of J2S board.

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