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Campaigns and Programs


Please Ask Campaign

Every year in April we host our Please Ask! campaign which is a community engagement campaign that brings awareness to child sexual abuse (CSA). The purpose of the Please Ask campaign is to help survivors heal and prevent CSA by empowering people to please ask children questions to help determine abuse and end a child’s silent suffering.

Click here to learn about the 2024 Please Ask campaign.


The Healing Corner

This Department houses content that promotes healing, including the following:

• A blog that contains inside snippets into J2S founder's personal journey

• Motivational voice notes and poems shared on social media platforms

• The Journey Interviews: a seasonal series where J2S creates a safe space for individuals to reflect on their journeys.​


Whole Lotta Love

Every year in the month of July, J2S helps a family impacted by trauma by providing a VISA gift card using the proceeds from the Whole Lotta Love fundraiser to help purchase school supplies and/or household items.


Empowerment Program

A hands on, age appropriate, interactive approach to teaching the power of positive affirmations, body safety principles and financial literacy to children.

Program offered in school settings, childcare settings, home school settings, personal residence settings, virtual settings and any other avenue where children are served. Kids will build self love and confidence.

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