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Journey 2 Self, Inc.

Promoting self healing and self discovery, in order to lead a self sufficient life!

Visit our YouTube to watch Season 2 of The Journey Interviews: Falling In Love With YOU!

What is Journey 2 Self?

Journey 2 Self (J2S) is a Georgia based, 501c3, nonprofit community that serves as a resource, safe space, and empowerment program focused on self healing, self discovery and motivation.


Our mission is to initiate the healing journey of communities of color affected by trauma through our creation of safe spaces, sexual abuse awareness campaigns and by providing resources with the goal of becoming self-sufficient.


  • To initiate the healing journey of communities of color affected by trauma.

  • Create safe spaces to highlight and uplift the journeys of Black voices.

  • Bring awareness to and prevention of childhood sexual abuse (CSA).

  • Empower children and save the youth.

  • Support women of color throughout their journey


J2S is a Black women led organization that is focused on helping communities of color heal from generational traumas, such as childhood sexual abuse, and discover their true self. Through our programming, resources, events and our private membership group, we will empower each other to start, continue and/or conquer the journey 2 self. Please click the button below to learn more about our board members and leadership team.

Reasons to become a member of J2S:

  1. Conveniently housed on Facebook

  2. Access to our founder's  personal journey updates

  3. Discounts  and promotions from J2S partners

  4. Continuous support, guidance and motivation from leadership team and other members

  5. Shared resources and opportunities to promote your own crafts, talents, and businesses.

  6. Exclusive safe space for women of color .


“I used J2S professional development services. The founder, Aniqua, helped me create a business plan, apply for grants and edited my website! Love her! Check out my daycare coming soon:”

Daycare Owner

Lakeeda Lovejoy

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